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Restroom Sanitation – KAIVAK™ System

KCS commercial restroom sanitation service ensures that restrooms are protected against common disease and viruses.

During our weekly Sani-Service, a certified technician will come to your facility, sanitize and coat your restroom with Sani-Shield.

Sani-Shield protects glass, porcelain, ceramics, laminates, plastic, marble, granite and other adhesion and build-up of soap scum, stains, rust, lime scale, and hard water minerals.

This makes cleaning easy every time!

Our Sani-Service also includes electro-static spraying, free urinal screens, soap, and air freshener scent.

  • Restaurants,
  • Truck- Stops,
  • Gas Stations,
  • Parks & Recreation,
  • Bus Stations,
  • Industrials.

About the Kaivak™ System

Cleaner, healthier restrooms in ⅓ the time

Long considered the leader in restroom cleaning technology, Kaivac offers a variety of restroom cleaning alternatives that fit virtually any restroom or budget on the planet. No matter the size or construction of the restroom, Kaivac can deliver cost-effective hygienic results for you. There’s no longer any excuse for not providing a clean, healthy restroom.

If you’d like to see more videos visit the YouTube Channel for Kaivak™ Here!


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